Distiller “Magarych” Econom 3/12L


Made in Russia

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Distiller’s specifics



Length 11.8″30 cm
Width 11.8″30 cm
Height 15.7″40 cm
Weight:7.7 lb3.5 kg
Material:Stainless Steel


Moonshine still MAGARYCH Econom is a distiller consisting of two main units: a distillation still and a flow-through refrigerator. Its principle of operation is very simple: the wash in the distillation cube is heated to the boiling point of alcohol, and then the alcohol vapor is cooled, condensing in the refrigerator coil.

Distiller MAGARYCH Econom is very easy to operate and maintain. The classic design preserves the taste and aroma of grain, fruit or berry mash better than others.

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