Distiller “Magarych” Nikolaich 2/21L


Made in Russia

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Distiller’s specifics



Length 9.8″25 cm
Width 9.8″25 cm
Height 28.3″72 cm
Weight:13 lb6 kg
Material:Stainless Steel AISI 304


Moonshine still MAGARYCH Nikolaich 20 is a unique device in its price segment. This is a device with a sufficiently large tank, which is guaranteed to be enough for home alcohol production!

The tank has a comfortable wide neck, reliable carrying handles and high-quality column mounting mechanism. A high-quality stainless steel AISI 304 is used as the material of the tank. This device is equipped with a side bar with a diameter of 38 mm, which allows you to confidently clean the distillate from toxic impurities and poisonous substances that bring many problems to a person, for example, a hangover syndrome.

Any flavorings (zest, oak bark, aromatic herbs, spices, etc.) can be placed in a collapsible steam-dome, getting the output not only pure moonshine, but also a variety of alcoholic beverages! A special faucet for draining fusel oils needs literally one movement to drain the fusel as needed, without interrupting the distillation process. The automatic pressure relief valve significantly increases the safety of working with the device and insures against any troubles associated with overheating of the device on the stove, boiling off the mash, etc. In addition, too high a pressure is never generated in the tank, which can lead to its deformation!

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