Uzbek Kazan 16L + Oven Uchag 41.5cm


Uzbek Kazan 16L + Oven 41.5cm

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Kazan’s specifics



Diameter18″46 cm
Weight:29 lb13.5 kg
Lid Weight2.2 lb1 kg
Cauldron Material (Cast Iron)0.32″7-8 mm
Lid Material (Aluminum)0.3″8 mm
Made in Uzbekistan

Oven’s Specifics



Diameter16.25″41.5 cm
Body Height16.25″41.5 cm
Total Height with Legs25.5″65 cm
Weight:35 lb16 kg
Bottom Thickness11 gauge3 mm
Walls Thickness13.5 gauge2 mm
Heat Resistance 1110F600C


The Uzbek cauldron is already a well known name. Of course, many other countries also make pots from cast iron, but a cauldron – correct, authentic – can only be made in Uzbekistan, Namangan city, thick walls, the same bottom, the right lid – everything here corresponds to the knowledge that has developed over the centuries about what exactly should the kazan be. Thanks to its 9mm thick cast iron walls, it provides a high heat capacity, which allows it to heat up strongly and cool slowly, which ensures even cooking.

Made in Uzbekistan


Before you purchase please be informed that these Ovens/Stoves are hand made, therefore they do have aesthetic imperfections. But be assured, it does not prevent it from performing its function !!

Please be advised that ovens/stoves might have some imperfections such as scratches, welding spots or rust spots.

Ovens are coated with (1110F/600C) heat resistant powder paint.

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