“Kukmara” Kazan Oven Uchag With Chimney (37cm-45cm)


Diameter: 37-45cm

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Oven DiameterBody HeightTotal Height with LegsChimney HeightWalls ThicknessBottom ThicknessHeat ResistanceWeight
37cm / 14″37cm | 14″52cm | 20″60cm | 24″2mm | 14gauge2mm | 14gauge600C | 1110F12 kg | 28 lb
40cm / 16″40cm | 16″52cm | 20″60cm | 24″2mm | 14gauge2mm | 14gauge600C | 1110F13.5 kg | 30 lb
45cm / 17″45cm | 17″60cm | 24″60cm | 24″2mm | 14gauge2mm | 14gauge600C | 1110F16 kg | 35 lb

The stoves for the kazan are not collapsible, the thickness of the steel is 2 mm. Painted with heat-resistant paint.
The oven is necessary for fixing the cauldron when cooking outdoors.
The smoke from this stove comes out through a chimney, which is an undoubted advantage when cooking in a cauldron.

Pros of using a stove:
1. The cauldron stands firmly, it will not accidentally fall.
2. The cauldron heats up evenly over the entire surface, which contributes to the fastest cooking.
3. The possibility of food burning in certain parts of the cauldron decreases, because the heating is distributed evenly over the entire surface.
4. Due to the dimensions of the oven, there is no need to bend over to interfere with the food in the cauldron.
5. High efficiency due to the fact that the heat from the fire is not dissipated in the air, but is directed to the top of the cauldron.
6. High efficiency = Less wood consumption.

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