Distiller “Magarych” Premium 2/14L


Made in Russia

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Distiller’s specifics



Diameter 10.6″27 cm
Length 13.3″34 cm
Width 13.3″34cm
Height 27.5″70 cm
Weight:9.4 lb4.3 kg
Material:Stainless Steel


Moonshine still MAGARYCH Premium is a distiller, in which a steam-dome is installed between the distillation cube and the flowing refrigerator. It is an empty sealed cylinder connected to a distillation cube and a refrigerator coil.

The vapors from the distillation still condense on the walls of the steam-dome, and then the ethyl alcohol boils again. This allows the distillate to be purified from fusel oils, which significantly increases the quality of the finished product. Also, the steam-dome prevents the boiling mash from getting into the refrigerator coil.

The steam-dome tank is separated from the refrigerator and distillation still, which greatly simplifies cleaning and maintenance of the distiller.

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