Afghan Kazan (Pressure Cooker) Nickel-Plated


Made in Afghanistan

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Wall thickness: 9mm

Material: Aluminum

Country of manufacture: Afghanistan

The Afghan cauldron greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of preparing delicious, and most importantly healthy food. In such a dish, even the toughest meat is cooked in just 15 minutes. You can cook almost any dish, both over an open fire and on the stove, in 3 ways:
– With the lid open, just like on a saucepan, cauldron
– With the lid closed like in a pressure cooker
– Combined option: fry the meat with the lid open, then close the lid and simmer for minutes.

The Afghan cauldron has a durable aluminum alloy that is not prone to breaking.
The Afghan cauldron is suitable for use both on the stove and in nature. The Afghan cauldron is small in size and light in weight.

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